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Company Profile

It is really difficult to own a distinguished company in these days when technologic developments are permanently changing our lives.

It is more difficult to be a company, which is confident to its experiences as well as open to innovations, and leading the market while synthesizing all these things in its body. Since its foundation, Spor Sanayi has achieved a lot of projects, and managed all the arrangements that it has undertaken. Thus, our carefulness has made our company’s position and its trademark firm and respected.

So, it has become the most important responsibility for us to sustain the confidence of those firms that we make business to our trademark and to keep it respected. Our job is to put new projects out for different purposes in different places racing against time.

Here, we consider that the project being designed must fit to customer’s purpose and be in a most useful and rightist way. So, we are trying to find practical and true solutions that answers requirements of customers by new designs in our Research-Development unit.

And if necessary, we cooperate other specialist firms, and make use of their technologic facilities.

It is the main goal of Spor Sanayi with its qualified staff and its experiences of years to realize the targets above. After all these tiring endeavours are finished, what really make us happy are the pleasure of our customers and the feel of success.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Civil Engineer Yaşar MERAL

Turgut Reis Mahallesi Demokrasi Caddesi No: 229 TEM Yan Yolu Üzeri 34930 Sultanbeyli - İstanbul
Tel: +90 216 398 16 49 (pbx)     Fax: +90 216 398 16 48     E-mail: sporsanayi@sporsanayi.com